Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's up with these crocs

I went out for some lunch and some detergent shopping (yeah.. very focused guy). Saw at least 20 people in the supermarket wearing these pink embellishments. Interesting thing - Most of those pple were at least 30 years old... I can understand kids loving them, but grown-up women???

Would like to know what's attractive about these monstrosities. Are we all itching to express the rebel within?... or yearning for that lost childhood?

Maybe products that allow non-confrontational expressions of our rebellious individuality have a great market. Maybe this is what's so great about those Pumas.


Nishith said...

i first noticed people wearing those kind of floaters at Koh Samui in Thailand. The reason there was obvious though, best designed beach footwear from which you can easily remove sand, in fact, sand gets 100% removed on its own as soon as you step into the water to get into your boat.

Arun said...

yeah... better than the Teva sandals that were a rage 5 years back. Those things used to fall apart if exposed to water too much at the beach...

But from beachwear to comfortwear.. How did this thing make the jump?