Monday, March 12, 2007

Learning from cabbies

Today I left work a bit early. At 9. Heh... :)
Usually, its very easy to get a cab at 9. But nowadays, I have to call and make a booking by 8:50. After that, the cab phone lines are always busy. And when I get down to the DBS Tower lobby by 9, the whole place is jam-packed with at least 20 cabs. Usually its something like 5. First time I am seeing something like this.

There are lots of investment ideas, lessons and indicators you can learn simply by keeping an open eye (and ear). I still remember one from Ross Mayfield - The parking lot indicator.

Anyway, today's cabbie was telling me that its only in the last month or so that demand for taxi pickup has reached such high levels. He has been a cabbie for 26 years, and the last time was in 1997, just before the the Asian Tiger economies crashed...

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