Thursday, March 1, 2007

Windows Media Player 11 sucks

Is it only me who finds WMP 11 among the most atrocious software out there?

1.) I can't find the friggn menu bar
2.) The whole thing takes ages to start up and freezes whatever is running on my PC at the same time
3.) It sucks up so much memory
4.) There is some fundoo menu system running from left to right that is very very unintuitive

My suggestion to Microsoft. Instead of getting program managers to come up with specs to catch up with iTunes, please do this. Allow 1 talented developer in your Media division to take 2 weeks off. Let him sit at home, code and come up with his own version of WMP 12. Its gonna be loads better than what your (Media GM + Media Product Unit Manager + WMP Group Program Manager + army of WMP Program Managers) can come up with. Since MSN Messenger has around 40 program managers, I am guessing there are loads more for WMP.

Great software does not come from Program Managers, Business Analysts or Interface Designers. Great software is visualised by craftsmen. And the craftsmen in software are the developers.

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