Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Corvette not GS450H

Why is it that Nokia insists on branding their phones around some stupid number series... 6510, 6210, 8210, N73, N91, E71????? Who remembers these names?

I am shopping around for a phone, and its so maddeningly difficult to remember the Nokia model recommendations from colleagues and friends. I am reduced to asking about "that Nokia with the great camera" and "the Nokia with the good keyboard" etc etc.

Nokia should learn from the dudes at Motorola. Those guys are on a roll with the awesome "4 alphabets ending in R with a vowel in the middle" theme. RAZR, ROKR, SLVR etc etc. I hope they take it to the logical next step with FUKR and LOSR. That would be so AWSM.

So if you are a marketer, it's very simple - Corvette, not GS450H

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