Sunday, February 25, 2007

From a consumer to a contributor

Hello world.

I've been a voracious consumer of blogs for the past 4 years. Got around 300 blogs on my reading list. Guess it's high time I started contributing something back...

I am originally from "God's own kentry". Came to Singapore in 1999 to do my undergraduate degree thanks to the nice people running this nifty aero company. After completing my degree in Computer Engineering from NTU, I have been working in the technology side for Deutsche Bank in Singapore.

So far it has been a helluva ride...

Got to come and do a phoren degree in an area that I am very passionate about. And got paid for it too! Looking back at the 4 years in college, I still feel exhilarated when I think of the groundbreaking projects I did with some people who are now the best engineers out there.

I joined DB in 2003. In this age when all worthwhile technology in a bank is offshored, I was lucky to get into DB in that twilight zone when app development had not been offshored completely. I have got my hands dirty working with some incredibly talented designers and developers in implementing core high-performance systems. Currently I am an Assistant Vice President, in charge of delivering Deutsche Bank's implementation of the EBICS Server standard for German transaction banking.

I will be posting my eclectic thoughts on technology, business, finance and some personal musings on this blog.

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