Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Join us for the tandoori roti

A humble word of advice to all the firms in Singapore planning to shift their technology staff from the Central Biz District to the fertile welcoming heartlands of Changi, Jurong etc etc..

With the economy going gangbusters you will find that some of your best tech staff will simply seek employment elsewhere. The reason is simple - LUNCH. Nowhere else in Singapore other than the CBD do you have the choice of 100 different places to have lunch. And such great food as a bonus...

Like all good things in life, I had taken this for granted. But the realization hit me last week. I had lunch with an ex-colleague who's new firm is based quite outside the CBD. He happened to be in Shenton Way and I met him at the Pret sandwich shop (Tip: 2 full sandwiches there will still leave you hungry). The dude was wolfing down a chicken coronation sandwich with such a look of ecstasy on his face that if one of the banks there had offered him a position at less than his current salary, he would have immediately taken it.

So, in summary...
Employers - Respect Abraham Maslow
Recruiters - Exploit it

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