Tuesday, April 22, 2008

B-52 giant scale model

Posting about that F-16 scale model reminded me of this monster 1:20 B-52 scale model that I had seen on youtube quite sometime back. I first heard of it when reading an article about the miniature jet engines from Wren used to power this monster.

The B-52 is simply the most beautiful plane IMHO. It is graceful, elegant, functional and cheap. First deployed in 1952, it is planned to form the backbone of the US bomber command till 2040. There can be no better validation of an airplane than this.

The B-52 entered popular culture thru the film Dr. Strangelove. The film was so realistic in depicting the B-52 and its nuclear deterrent operations that Stanley Kubrick was investigated by the FBI. As shown in the film, for a long time, the US Strategic Air Command did have a fleet of B-52's airborne at all times, ready to strike into the Soviet Union on command.

Anyway, enjoy this masterpiece in scale model engineering. Too bad the pilot was not as good as the engineers :-(


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