Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can somebody create this application

Here's an interesting new application idea - An application that can take Google Reader shared items and post them to a account.

I save a lot of my shared links using the Google Reader shared items feature. But I would also like to post them as a "daily post" onto my blog, automatically. The blog is the central repository for all my online activity. This auto-posting is possible if the links are in, as there are lots of services (like feedburner) that will summarise my posts for the day into a blog post.

So the missing link here is a service to take my shared items from google reader once a day and post them to a account, along with my comments (if any provided in Google reader).

INPUT ---> Google Reader shared items feed url, username/pwd, Time when this posting should be done
OUTPUT ---> Postings to

I am sure there are lots of people like me wanting this kind of service. So if you build this application, it could be a way to get some publicity for your coding skills (or your own company) among the blogging population.


Masood Faruqui said...

An alternative to consider while the app is built - Perhaps you could skip the step and directly add the Google Reader feed to this blog?

Arun said...

That could be done... But the problem is that the blogger API is not widely adopted. So I am not sure whether this is possible directly into blogger.

Also, if you post to delicious, feedburner has tools to post to any email platform. So it is more generic that way