Sunday, May 12, 2013

Links for 2013 May 12

Gore Is Romney-Rich With $200 Million After Bush Defeat
Liberals will claim this is a fair 200 million, unlike Romney's which was built off PE???

Obama’s Cybersecurity Lifts Check Point: Israel Overnight
What about Palo Alto Networks?

ESPN Wants to Pay Your Wireless Bill (Restrictions Apply)
Slowly lurching towards net non-neutrality

The Glock Divorce Comes to America, Revealing New Details About the Gunmaker
The tide has gone out

NYPD Plans to Release Non-Toxic Gases in the Subway
Who is making money off this?

Cost to Treat a Lung Infection: $97,214? Why New Data Are Useless
Healthcare is the next finance. When the revolution starts there will be a whole less useless clerks pulling 1/2 a million a year...

Tiffany vs. Costco: Which Diamond Ring Is Better?
Cost of diamond is directly proportional to boast value to a woman's girlfriends... Better to get a shitty Tiffany's than a GIA vertified Costco...