Sunday, April 12, 2009

RAM as the new disk

I have been reading on some extreme scaling solutions being used by FriendFeed, LinkedIn etc... Some links to share for your reading pleasure (though I doubt how many of the readers to this site actually are in hardcore tech anymore...)

At the heart of all this is a concept of using in-memory caches as the primary data retrieval layer instead of just being a cache. This is a big shift in thinking about application server tier design. 

"The more things change.. the more they remain the same". In 2003, when I started my first job, we used to make fun of former C++ devs coming to Java server design and caching the entire database into memory on Weblogic startup so that they could write familar code. Indeed my 2nd project was undoing all this to make a system scalable. Now the clock is back to 12.


IBM Websphere Extreme Scale!! [Good luck with the licensing]

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