Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starhub home zone using femtocell

Interesting technology being marketed by Starhub in Singapore.

To follow the McK model of presentation (heh)...
What you get: For 16$ a month, free local calls and SMS for 4 mobile phone lines when you are physically in your house
Who might benefit the most:
- Those who use their mobile phones a lot at home paying 15cents/min
- Those who take a lot of conf. calls from home on their mobile
- Families who always cannot share the single fixed-line with the teen yakking away all the time on it

Basically a femtocell is a 3G to internet gateway. You will need a starhub mobile line and broadbank internet connection
Mobile phone<---3G--->Femotcell<---tcp/ip--->Broadband router<---tcp/ip--->cable modem

This basically ties into my >earlier post on Skype on iPhone... Mobile carriers are slowly becoming funnelers of internet protocol data over their network protocol (3G/4G). 

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