Saturday, April 7, 2007

My name is Yakob and I will tear your head out

I am shopping around for a gym membership currently. Usage of the gym in my condo has hit the limit in terms of fat-burning potential. I need some supervision to get the remaining McSpicy residue off my abs and to make sure I do the right weight exercises so as not to lose muscle in the fat-burning process.

Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void fame also seems to be "gymming". He has this hilarious post about the profile of the gym he goes to.
"It's not really a bodybuilding "What do you think of my fabulous abs" kinda gym. Nor is it a metrosexual "I don't eat carbs after 3pm" kinda gym. It's more of a blue collar, "Hello, my name is Yakov and I am going to rip your lungs from your chest" kinda gym. I like that."

I would love to go to a gym like that. There wouldn't be too many distractions like TV and jackasses bringing in their own hip-hop mix CD's to play in the gym (I love Eminem, 50 cent and Puff Daddy. But c'mon that schmuck Pharrell Williams and other similar phonies in a gym???). Problem is that these blue collar gyms are unlikely to have treadmills as that would be too metrosexual. So any cardio exercise goes out of the window. And high-intensity cardio is what is needed to burn fat.

So here I am reduced to negotiating with California Fitness, Planet Fitness, Fitness First etc etc around the Raffles Place area. If you thought Oracle was the master in price discrimination, wait until you start gym negotiations!!

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